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Little gifts to treat yourself or your loved ones

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Lilie Pinot La Collection Beguinart_edited.jpg

Limited Editions

Multiple techniques by our artists 

Cyanotypes on silk or paper, printing on rag paper, silk-screening... We have explored the techniques of our artists to offer you a collection of limited series of 10 copies, numbered and authenticated.

Ideal to offer or to treat yourself!

The sizes and the supports differ according to the works. All works are sold at 80€.

Pauline Zenk Personnages secrets Beguinart

The Secret Characters

Mixed media (oil, watercolor, pencil) by Pauline Zenk

Pauline Zenk reinterprets archival images to give them life, straddling the past and the present.

In this series of portraits, the artist presents characters full of emotion. We recognize certain gestures from another era, which the oil painting revives with a nostalgic tenderness.

All the works are sold at the unique price of 95€

Chad Keveny notre monde instagram Beguinart

Our Instagram world

Watercolors by Chad Keveny

During his trip to Brazil, Chad Keveny was confronted with the Covid epidemic and the imposed confinements. Deprived of outside inspiration, the artist began to tell the story of Brazil as its people reveal it on the networks: in swimsuits.

In a reflection on the long time of art against the instantaneity of the internet, Chad Keveny depicts a Brazilian cultural aspect, focused on the body.

All the works are framed and sold at the unique price of 85€

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