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The aesthetic of feelings

Diving into the work of Sandrine Ginisty

Paysage intime n°2, Sandrine Ginisty, 2021, en vente sur Béguinart

No need to be a synesthete to recognize in Sandrine Ginisty's work the construction of our own thoughts.

From the energy balls that warm our chest to the tingling and twitching that run down our spine to our fingertips, Sandrine traces the map of our emotions.

Contemplating her paintings means getting lost in the floating colors, the filigree drawings, the little laces and stitches. It means entering into a meditation, and focusing on the essential: ourselves. It means plunging into intimate landscapes, new worlds, cut off from the world.

I invite you to discover the works I have chosen for Béguinart, in different techniques and sizes, directly on the site


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