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Nature, mythology and culture

A dive into the work of Lise Chevalier

Inner Mythologie : Pine, Lise Chevalier, 2023, on sale on Béguinart

Lise develops her patterns and projects in connection with her relationship to nature, in colorful cycles that have led her to create the pantheon of her "inner mythology".

The earth nourishes, the water impregnates, the stones protect and the leaves grow. Lise Chevalier finds in this symbiosis balances and forces that reflect our inner self.

The artist is inspired by nature, by what it tells us and by the essential questions it asks us. Birth, life, death, love... So many subjects that have nourished the mythologies of successive cultures since the dawn of time.

Elementary subjects, combined with the elements themselves. To pursue this quest for essentiality, Lise explores ancestral techniques. Soon, she will travel to the province of Kyoto, Japan, to train alongside master papermakers in the traditional and age-old fabrication of washi paper.

At the invitation of art historian Matthieu Séguéla and in collaboration with calligrapher Yukako Matsui, Lise's inks were already exhibited in 2020 at the French Institute in Kyoto for the exhibition "Outre-Nature" in homage to Pierre Soulages. This next trip is part of the richness and continuity of these cultural exchanges.

I invite you to discover the works of Lise Chevalier that I have chosen for Béguinart directly on the site


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