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The workshop, heart of the creation

Visiting the workshops is feeling the energy of the artist.

Visiting Lise Chevalier's workshop, 2023

If the works of art are windows into the artists' thoughts, their studios are a whole world from which it is possible to walk through the door.

I always enjoy visiting the artists I collaborate with Béguinart. By spending a moment with them in their studios, I get a better idea of their energy at the time and this always allows us to initiate new projects.

But these visits are also moments that feel like meditation, where we project ourselves into the artists' inner worlds, navigating the meanders of their creativity.

At Lise Chevalier's, she told me about her inner mythology, where the marvellous and the dreamy enter into dialogue with nature and give birth to vegetal incarnations.

In Marion Mounic's work, poetry and politics mingle in the smell of henna. She uses this pigmented and fragrant plant for her work "Love is not a crime". It is a multi-sensory homage to Moroccan women, evoking their "outing" while placing it in the intimate context of the Hamam, where this plant is used.

At Chad Keveny's, just back from Ireland, we took the opportunity to prepare some new projects, which you will soon discover on Beguinart!

You can find photos and videos of these workshop visits on the Beguinart Instagram account.


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