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Small formats, large works.

How about getting a little closer?

"L'Été : La caresse n°2" by Lilie Pinot and Pauline Zenk, Cyanotype and oil paint on fabric, size A4, framed - 2023, available on

In art, small formats have always fascinated me.

Having to stand close to the canvas, almost sticking your nose to it, and imagining that it's with the same proximity that the artist has conceived his work, it's almost as if you're redrawing it with him.

These small formats reveal a secret work, a silent dialogue between the artist and his creation, far from the public eye. All the more so when they act as a preparation, awaiting the grand gesture.

Exhibiting small formats means offering a series of invitations to ephemeral, intimate and reassuring encounters. It's a way of creating an exclusive dialogue between a work of art and the viewer. There's no need to stand back: small formats make art familiar.

So don't hesitate to visit, where you'll find small formats still available for sale!


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