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Who can become a collector?

You are interested in buying art, but perhaps you are intimidated by the notion of "collector"...

Ludwig Arnold, No Title (Vancouver) - Acryllack sur toile, 2010 - Available on Béguinart here

I have always worked with contemporary artists, and of course I also meet many of their buyers. They have very different means and motivations. Some spend a lot of money on works by recognized artists, for the pleasure of owning one of their paintings or one of their sculptures. Others focus on following developments, to detect promising ascents and invest at the right time. Others still are attracted only by aesthetics and rely on the crush.

All these collectors, as different as they are, have one thing in common: their curiosity, and their desire to enter into other representations. Representations that illustrate the complexity of our world, that sometimes give it meaning or hope, and other times denounce it. To be a collector is to meet, through works of art, artists who speak to us, and whom we understand.

There is no right or wrong motivation for buying art. But there is probably a way to do it that will give you greater satisfaction: by being curious and trying to understand the work and the vision of the artists you like.

At Beguinart, you will always find the possibility to discuss with us so that we can introduce you to the work of our artists. We are convinced that buying a piece of art is not just a simple transaction: it is also buying a piece of truth.


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